Colorado Tragedy Unfolds: Decomposed Bodies Identified

 July 28, 2023

Decomposed bodies found in a remote campsite in Colorado are identified, revealing a story of potential survival gone wrong.

Getting through the day is challenging enough without delving into gruesome news. Yet, here we are. Three bodies, all in an advanced state of decomposition, were discovered at an isolated campsite in Colorado. Now, we know who they were.

The story involves two sisters in their 40s, Christine Vance and Rebecca Vance. The third person was Rebecca's 14-year-old son, whose name we're not privy to, given he was a minor.  All three campers were from Colorado Springs.

This horrifying discovery came to light via Fox News. Gunnison County Coroner, Michael Barnes, is the source of this information.

The Mysterious Time and Cause of Death

The process of pinpointing the exact time of death is ongoing. According to Barnes, the campers likely met their demise sometime in the winter, possibly January. Even the cause of their deaths remains a mystery, awaiting the outcome of a toxicology test.

A hiker came across one of the bodies on July 9th. Authorities were subsequently alerted, and the other two bodies were found the following day. Sheriff Adam Murdie of Gunnison County provided this bit of information.

"The two of the bodies were discovered inside a small, zipped-up tent, and the other was outside in the camp," said Sheriff Murdie.

The Grim Picture of a Remote Survival Camp

This was not a typical camping spot. It was a secluded wooded area, far from the usual hiker routes. Various items were found at the site. Personal effects, tarps, a makeshift lean-to constructed from local logs over a firepit, and even a restroom area.

Barnes has theorized a few potential causes of death. Starvation, freezing temperatures, or carbon monoxide poisoning due to a poorly ventilated fire are all on the table. It seems they began their camping venture in July 2022, intending to live off-grid.

"I wonder if winter came on quickly and suddenly, they were just in survival mode in the tent," Barnes mused.

An Ill-Fated Attempt at Off-Grid Living

Family members confirmed to Barnes that the group left for this trip last summer, planning to live off the grid. Their camping site, littered with empty food cans and books, paints a grim picture of this ill-fated attempt at survival.

They were not completely unprepared, though. Among the possessions found at the campsite were numerous books on outdoor survival and foraging.

The mystery surrounding these deaths is perplexing, to say the least. One can only hope that the pending toxicology test and further investigation provide more clarity on the matter.

In summary:

  • The bodies of Christine Vance, Rebecca Vance, and Rebecca's son were found in a remote campsite.
  • They likely died in winter, possibly in January. The cause of death is yet to be determined.
  • The campsite was in a remote wooded area, filled with personal effects and literature on outdoor survival.
  • Starvation, freezing temperatures, or carbon monoxide poisoning are potential causes of death.
  • The group had planned to live off the grid, as confirmed by family members.

A sobering reminder of the unforgiving nature of the wilderness and a sad end to an attempted off-grid lifestyle.