Cocaine Photos From Biden's White House Finally Revealed

November 15, 2023

You can view the image here.

The photos of the cocaine found in Joe Biden's White House have finally been released.

Cocaine was found in locker number 50 at the White House back on July 2.

The entire Biden family, including Hunter Biden, was reportedly away at Camp David for the Fourth of July holiday when the bag of drugs was found.

The Secret Service investigated the bag of cocaine, but wasn't able to get very far, reportedly citing a "lack of evidence."

Many Americans were suspicious, because that's probably exactly what they would have told us had they known that the cocaine belonged to Hunter Biden, obviously the most likely culprit.

But "most likely culprit" doesn't mean guaranteed culprit, and Hunter Biden has never been officially charged.

In case you were curious, the cocaine probably didn't belong to Kamala Harris either, as the vice president was in Los Angeles at the time it was discovered.