CNN's town hall backfired on the left, Donald Trump set to run away with the Republican nomination

CNN handed former President Donald Trump a massive win by hosting a town hall in New Hampshire which allowed him to reach out and speak to real Americans after years of censorship and suppression.

Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) commented on the situation to Breitbart News saying, "The town hall itself… was just a home run for Trump. He was funny. He was substantive on the issues. He sort of showed why he’s not like other politicians, you know, he’s willing to sort of poke fun at the political system. It’s shaping up to where this primary looks like a runaway for the president. I think that he just solidified that."

The town hall was intended to tear Trump down, but despite the best efforts of CNN's Kaitlan Collins, Trump shone bright and dominated the town hall despite the hostility he faced.

The town hall proved that Donald Trump hasn't slowed down since he left the Oval Office three years ago. Trump was on point and refuted the talking points of the left with class and precision, much to the enjoyment of the town hall's audience.

The town hall was also the biggest event on CNN in years, and viewership was five times higher during the town hall than the average.

CNN may very well have sealed the Republican primary's outcome with this town hall. Trump is already leading the field, and only Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is remotely close to him.