CNN's Jake Tapper admits Donald Trump was right about Hunter Biden

 August 21, 2023

CNN's Jake Tapper shocked everyone by admitting that former President Donald Trump was right about Hunter Biden and his corrupt business activities.

During a segment of CNN's The Lead on Thursday, Tapper slammed President Biden for denying that his son had received money from China and other foreign countries during the 2020 presidential debates.

Tapper stated, "Trump was right. I mean, he did make a fortune from China, and Joe Biden was wrong. I don't know that he was lying about it. He might not have been told by Hunter. But this blind spot is a problem."

Tapper's admission marks a major shift on the left as such an admission opens a whole discussion about what President Biden did and did not know about his son's business deals.

If whistleblower testimony and documented evidence are to be believed, the president didn't just know what was going on, he was actively involved.

The president was actively participating and getting rich off of his son's activities. With Tapper openly talking about this issue, other leftists are likely to start asking questions and that is horrible news for the Biden administration.