CNN Guest Admits Trump Leading Biden In Key Areas

November 7, 2023

When even CNN is getting worried that Donald Trump has too much momentum, you know there's a SERIOUS problem on the horizon for Democrats.

CNN would NEVER give Donald Trump credit if it didn't have to, so when even the clowns there are able to tell that Trump is ready and coming, you'd be smart to believe them.

Joe Biden is failing in the polls.

Donald Trump is surging.

Such a scenario can only persist for so long before Trump is the clear favorite for 2024.

Former senior adviser to Hillary Clinton's campaign, Karen Finney, said that Biden needs to wake up and realize just how threatened he really is.

"There’s clearly more going on underneath the surface that this poll doesn’t tell us. And that is where elections were won. Understanding not just the what, but the why. The second thing I would say, though, is, yes, I hope it is an alarm for the campaign. And I hope it shows particularly when you look at young voters and voters of color, that while they have made important early investments in reaching out to those electorates, we have to keep doing it. We can’t take anything for granted," Finney said on CNN.