CNN Ratings Collapse To Decade Low

March 17, 2023

John Nolte has been known to really put the "opinion" in the "opinion and commentary" section of Breitbart. This time, however, he isn't jumping to conclusions. He's simply looking at the numbers.

His conclusion is that CNN is dying.

The 25-54 age demographic is generally where a lot of America's buying power is, and that's what sets advertising rates across television. Unfortunately for CNN, and fortunately for the rest of America, people in that demographic are tuning into CNN at the lowest rate in ten years.

Compared to this same time last year, CNN has lost 72% of primetime viewers in this demographic. Just 95,000 people from that group are tuning into CNN primetime programing each night.

MSNBC isn't doing much better and is also getting destroyed by Fox News.

More Americans watch Fox News than MSNBC and CNN COMBINED, with Fox collecting FIVE TIMES the viewers as CNN.

Sixteen other cable networks are beating CNN as well. The Cable News Network is currently 17th in primetime viewers out of America's entire cable lineup.