CNN analyst admits Trump indictment is old case 'nobody' wanted to pursue

By Jen Krausz on
 April 5, 2023

CNN chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst John Miller joined a chorus of liberal voices saying that the Donald Trump indictment was not likely to result in a conviction and was based on "the same stuff we already knew.”

Miller stated:

It’s an interesting shift today, because — and maybe it’s all our own fault — we’ve kind of whipped ourselves up over the last week about, if they’re bringing this case, it must be more than what we know is inside. And we looked inside today and [said], oh, it’s just the same stuff we already knew. So, what changed? It’s a seven-year-old case. In the D.A.’s office, they called this the zombie case, because every time they put it away, it came back to life, nobody wanted to go forward with it.

It was an "odd turn" that Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg chose to pursue the case related to alleged hush money payments to Stormy Daniels rather than charges that Trump overvalued real estate for tax benefits, Miller thought.

He continued:

They had a larger, more complicated case involving hundreds of millions of dollars in overvaluing property in order to secure lines of credit and undervaluing property when it was time to pay taxes, and not just a little, but to the power of five. And it was a large, complex fraud based on the exact same charges, falsification of business records, but it was easier to articulate, the victims are the public, the taxpayers, the banks, the fraud. And he chose not to go forward with it. And yet, chose [to go forward] with this. So, it’s an odd turn.

The indictment is already largely perceived by the public as being a political move against Trump and will probably propel him to the nomination in 2024.

President Joe Biden is weak, and Democrats know it. They are trying to weaken Trump even more before 2024, but they may only end up making him stronger.