Death Of Clinton Aide Linked To Epstein Ruled A Suicide

 February 23, 2023

Bill Clinton's special advisor Mark Middleton was previously best known for being the Clinton teammate that signed Jeffrey Epstein into the White House seven of the 17 times Epstein visited the White House.

Now he's most famous for committing "suicide" by shooting himself in the chest, despite the fact that no gun was found at or around the crime scene.

I'm not debating that the hole in Middleton's chest probably caused him to die but thinking that he's the one that pulled the trigger is just a little bit silly. If Middleton pulled the trigger to kill himself, he had to be in possession of the gun at that point, right?


Either somebody else pulled the trigger, somebody moved the gun, or Middleton somehow hid the gun in between shooting himself and passing away.

Regardless of which answer is correct, it creates a lot more mysteries than it solves.

That seems to be the case with every "suicide" in the Clinton's circle.

When will America admit it's not a coincidence?