Clarence Thomas received income from a defunct real estate firm, according to financial documents

 April 17, 2023

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is under fire after financial documents revealed he received income from a defunct real estate firm previously run by his wife, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas.

Thomas claimed income from Ginger, Ltd., Partnership, a firm that was run by his wife but was shut down in 2006.

The high court justice continued to claim income from the firm after it was shut down, something he claims is an error.

These documents surfaced as Thomas is fighting off calls by Democrats calling for him to resign after it was revealed that he didn't disclose luxury vacations that he took over the past twenty years with Texas billionaire Harlan Crow.

Thomas stated that he was advised such trips would not need to be disclosed as he and Crow had been close for decades.

That didn't stop Democrats from demanding he resigns as well as calling for the Supreme Court to open an investigation into Thomas. The justice is firmly in the crosshairs of the left, and this latest story isn't going to make things easier.