Clarence Thomas ATTACKED - Response Is SWIFT...

July 16, 2022

I'm sure you've seen or heard some of the clips that show a lot of liberals are simply unable to converse with a lot of people, occasionally screaming "you're a STRAIGHT WHITE MAN" as a way to discredit the conservative's position.

Well, it turns out they don't take being told they're wrong very kindly when it's a black man either.

The truth is they attack skin colors and sexualities because their arguments have no factual basis, so they just attempt to discredit the speaker.

When all of the white people realized they weren't allowed to speak, some black folks started doing it on behalf of conservatives, including Clarence Thomas.

Now they've got a problem with him to.

In fact, these white people are claiming that Thomas isn't black because he isn't progressive.

There's only one problem with that argument.

He absolutely is black, and their intolerance toward him just shows it's the conservative opinion that is the problem, not my white skin.

It's gotten so bad for Clarence that a group of black academics have had to pen an open letter to all white progressives:

White progressives do not have the moral authority to excommunicate a black man from his race because they disagree with him, Whether it is calling him a racist slur, an ‘Uncle Tom’ or questioning his ‘blackness’ over his jurisprudence, the disparagement of this man, of his faith and of his character, is abominable.

You can find out more about the contents of the letter at the link below.

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