Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell reveals that Trump's legal team has means to end Jack Smith's case

 July 17, 2023

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell revealed that former President Donald Trump's team has an ace up its sleeve which could end special prosecutor Jack Smith's classified documents case with a single motion, which he explained in an appearance on Life, Liberty & Levin.

During the interview, Host Mark Levin referenced a 2010 decision by Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruling against Judicial Watch, which was suing to acquire former cassette tapes that President Bill Clinton stored in his sock drawer.

Levin suggested that there was already precedent set under the Presidential Records Act that the Trump team could use to effectively destroy the case against Trump.

Terrell responded by saying, "Game over. That is, to me, the most important first motion President Trump's legal team could file."

Terrell went on to explain, "President Trump had the absolute right to declassify any and all documents in his custody, control and possession. There has been no response to that by the prosecution. I'll tell you why: Because they don't have one."

The case against Trump was dead on arrival, and yet conviction was never the objective. The classified documents case is merely a distraction designed to damage Trump ahead of the 2024 presidential elections.