Chuck Schumer Falsely Claims Average Americans Don't Care About Biden Crimes

August 18, 2023

What the heck is he talking about?

Don't worry, what Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer just said is exactly as crazy as it sounds... you're not overreacting.

He actually tried to claim that the Republican investigations into the Biden crime family "don't matter to the average American."

The only way that I think Schumer could actually believe that, is the idea that Schumer is just so far removed from ordinary Americans that he couldn't possibly know what we're thinking about anything.

Either he's really ignorant, or he's lying.

I'm not sure which is a worse quality to have in an elected leader.

"Let’s compare it to the Republicans. We’re investing, there are investigating. All they seem to do is want to investigate this, that, and the other thing. That doesn’t help the American people. The contrast of yesterday, a former president being indicted for trying to deny an election, and this president today talking about investing in America, that’s going to sink in. It’s our job to make sure it sinks in," Schumer said. He added:

These investigations don’t matter to the average American people. This is the right-wing, the hard right-wing talking to each other. Let them keep talking to each other. We’re talking to the American people.

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