Turley: Christopher Wray Either Lying Or Ridiculously Unknowledgeable

 July 14, 2023

George Washington University Law Professor and Fox News Contributor Jonathan Turley recently claimed that FBI Director Christopher Wray's statement that agency censorship efforts "only dealt with foreign misinformation" is completely false.

It's quite a massive statement, but Turley is so respected in the legal world that it is definitely an opinion worth at least listening to.

Wray is either lying to cover up crimes, or he is negligent and ignorant to the point that he should be removed from office anyway, because he can't be trusted to put America's best interests forward either way. Turley said:

I thought that part of his testimony was the most dubious. He insisted that they only focused on foreign disinformation. That’s just not true. We have ample evidence. We have emails from the FBI dealing with matters that were not foreign disinformation. There were complaints at Twitter that they were just doing word searches and asking for thousands of people to be banned. So, either he’s saying that he just didn’t know what his own agency was doing or he was less than forthcoming. There were efforts to ban jokes.

"This was really maddening, he had more details when Rep. Eric Swalwell asked him about FBI family day," Turley concluded:

He went on at length about that. But when you deal with something that was just the subject of a 155-page report, he draws a blank. He repeatedly said that he didn’t have knowledge of things that we’ve all been talking about.