Chris Christie's niece injured six police officers in incident at New Orleans airport on Thanksgiving

December 8, 2022

Former Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's niece allegedly kicked, bit and spit on six police officers at the New Orleans airport on Thanksgiving, injuring six of them, according to reports.

Shannon Epstein, 25, was on a Spirit Airlines plane at 6:00 a.m. when she began making comments about a family on the aircraft she perceived to be Latino smuggling cocaine.

Epstein was ordered off the plane, which had been taxiing down the runway and turned around to go back to the gate, but she refused to leave.

She apparently claimed to be Christie's daughter during the altercation, screaming, “Do you know who I am? I’m Chris Christie’s daughter and you’re so f—ed. You will lose your job over this s—. I know Donald Trump.”

Never mind that Christie's relationship with Trump soured after Jan. 6, and Christie is now considering a run for the presidency to challenge him.

Epstein was slurring her words and appeared to be under the influence of unknown drugs. She was finally handcuffed to a wheelchair and subdued, then charged with six counts of battery on a police officer, three of disturbing the peace, one of resisting arrest by force, and one of remaining after forbidden.