Chip Roy: DeSantis Over Trump Because Trump's A 'Baby Boomer'

 April 20, 2023

Chip Roy has a number of reasons he decided to endorse Florida's Ron DeSantis over Donald Trump for 2024, but one stands above the rest.

One such reason is that DeSantis is "not a baby boomer."

"This time, I’m supporting Ron DeSantis. I’ll support the Republican nominee no matter what. I’m a strong supporter of the America First agenda," Roy said, adding:

I think it’s time to have someone who’s not a baby boomer, somebody who can serve for two terms that we know we can get behind to root out all the corruption in this town and beat the swamp that President Trump so ably started when he came in in 2016.

"Governor DeSantis has an enormously successful record, and he just won reelection by a million and a half votes. He won 62% of Hispanic voters, 50% of single females. They have massive job growth great economy. He’s taking on the education establishment. He’s taken on the corporate establishment with Disney. I just think it’s time that we have someone that we can take a new generation into town, and we can kind of build on what President Trump started, and Governor DeSantis is a great guy to get behind to do that," Roy concluded.