Chinese Spy Craft Used USA Technology To Collect Photos And Video

 June 29, 2023

Well, if this isn't a kick in the gut.

Officials have confirmed that "the Chinese spy balloon that flew across the U.S. early this year used American equipment to take photos and videos intended to be sent to Beijing."

China asserted that the balloon was only meant for weather-related uses.

A short investigation by American officials pretty quickly determined that was a lie.

America's intelligence agencies concluded that "the balloon was used for spying, not weather-related issues as claimed by China."

America's Wall-Street Journal was one of the first mainstream sources to report that China had been lying about the purpose of the balloon.

A senior defense official in the United States confirmed the accuracy of the Wall Street Journal's report.

American intelligence has indicated that they do not believe the balloon was successful in its goal to send information back to Beijing.

That doesn't change much though, the intent was still very nefarious. It doesn't matter if they were successful or not.