Chinese Spies Caught Trying To Get Into Sensitive Military Bases In Alaska...

 June 2, 2023

Chinese spies have been making attempts to gain access to military facilities, according to U.S. officials.

Reports suggest that citizens posing as tourists have made efforts to get inside America's military facilities in Alaska, where there are sensitive bases.

In one of the recent incidents, a vehicle carrying Chinese citizens blasted through a security checkpoint at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska. The vehicle was stopped, and soldiers said there was a drone inside the vehicle. The citizens inside that car said they had gotten lost.

Encounters at these sensitive military bases in Alaska have often been chalked up to innocent mistakes by tourists who claim they are there to view the northern lights and other attractions that Alaska has to offer.

However, soldiers familiar with the attempts to enter U.S. military bases believe they are not coincidences but are efforts to learn about the United States military capabilities.

One army office said, "Not all who appear to be tourists in Alaska are, in fact, tourists. Instead, they are foreign spies."

Most of the details about the incidents remain classified, but military briefings explain why the Chinese government would be interested in Alaska.

Some of the Pentagon's most sophisticated military capabilities and high-end war equipment reside in Alaska's military bases.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said, "There is no doubt that the greatest long-term threat to our nation's ideas, our economic security and our national security is that posed by the Chinese communist government."

David Deptula, a retired three-star Air Force general said that there should be concern over what is left behind when incidents occur. According to Deptula, spies can leave behind sensors that can pick up sensitive communications.

The Chinese embassy in Washington did not respond to requests for comment.