Chinese Nationals Caught Trying To Enter U.S. Bases

 September 5, 2023

The number of reported incidents involving Chinese nationals trying to access sensitive American sites is sending red flags up all over America.

Chinese individuals, often posing as tourists, have been increasingly trying to access American sites such as military bases, rocket launch sites, and even the White House.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that there have been as many as 100 of these incidents recently, in which Chinese nationals who clearly aren't as innocent as they are pretending to have been caught trying to access sensitive areas.

If this wasn't a deliberate ploy by the Chinese government, then we would see a roughly proportionate amount of people from other countries being caught doing the same things.

We are seeing no such data.

The obvious conclusion here is that China is sending people to do recon missions while posing as tourists.

Which means the obvious question is how long is Joe Biden going to tolerate this nonsense?