Chinese media: Muslim voters could tank Biden's 2024 reelection over Israel support

 November 9, 2023

President Joe Biden found himself in political pickle regarding the current situation unfolding between Israel and Hamas.

According to Breitbart, the Global Times, a Chinese state-run propaganda news outlet, published a piece this week suggesting that the situation could even cost Biden the presidency in 2024, claiming Muslim voters in key swing states could sour on his support for Israel.

"Though Arab Americans and other Muslims make up a small part of the electorate in the US, their population is growing, and these voters can be a critical voting bloc in tight elections," the outlet reported.

It added, "If more Muslims in crucial swing states make the decision to vote against Biden, the outcome of the 2024 election will not be what Biden wants to see."

The Chinese media outlet admitted that it was unlikely that those potentially soured voters would lend their support to former President Donald Trump instead, but rather simply stay home on Election Day.

The outlet noted:

Progressive forces, left-wingers and Muslim voters will be angry at Biden, but considering Donald Trump and his supporters are much more extreme in supporting Israel, letting Trump win will absolutely not serve their demand of calling for the US to help Palestine [sic].

In recent days, the Biden administration has distanced a bit from its initial strong support for Israel, with the Chinese outlet noting that the shift was caused by "mounting pressure from US voters and the international community."

It added, "The adjustment by the US is driven by its demand to preserve its global hegemony, and the Biden administration will not stop military and economic assistance to Israel."

Progressive U.S. lawmakers have overlooked Israel's right to defend itself and instead have focused on calling for ceasefires or pauses in the fighting. They've also focused their energy on the humanitarian efforts in the Gaza Strip.

Many have criticized the Biden administration for mounting pressure on Israel to take it easy on the retaliatory fighting, which many believe only gives Hamas more time to rebuild and possibly launch another deadly attack.

The Biden administration has also taken heat for how it's handling aid for Israel, specifically how it wants to follow Democrats in combining Ukraine and Israel's aid packages.

Republicans, including Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), have made efforts to separate the two.