Chinese drones are intruding into US airspace

November 26, 2022

Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL) said on Fox Business Wednesday that there have been reports of Chinese-made drones intruding on U.S. airspace, and that the U.S. needs to develop technology to stop them from becoming a threat to national security.

“You’ve got Chinese-manufactured drones, not necessarily flown by the Chinese, but they’re made in China," Gimenez said. "They are getting into restricted areas, and so that’s a concern, not only in the capital, it’s a concern around the United States, areas such as airports, etc., critical infrastructure."

"Look, four years ago, when I went to Israel on a trade mission, we made an effort to stop by Tel Aviv airport to talk about drones and the threat of drones to airports and what were the Israelis doing about it," he continued. "Because the Israelis somehow always seem to be about a step or two ahead of us when it comes to these threats and how to handle them.”

The Chinese are going to keep us very busy, it seems. They are making all kinds of threats in the face of President Joe Biden's weakness, and why wouldn't they?

Let's just hope we find a way to stay one step ahead, or at least catch them in their schemes.

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