China Ousts Missing Foreign Minister

July 26, 2023

China has apparently removed its outspoken foreign minister, Qin Gang, from office.

Qin Gang has been missing for a month.

The now former foreign minister was one of the Chinese officials to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken when the American official visited Beijing in June.

Now, Wang Yi will assume the role recently held by the missing diplomat.

It's surely an interesting scenario, and one has to wonder just how much corruption was involved from all sides both in Qin Gang's disappearance and his removal from public office.

Not often do important public officials just vanish, and it seems like it would be really hard for them to do so without one thing:

Help from the government.

Now, the question is, is this a voluntary disappearance out of necessity? Or is it more of a sleeping-with-the-fishes situation?

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