China Observing America's Borders More Closely Than Biden

 February 4, 2023

The official union of the United States Border Patrol just captivated the internet with an absolutely BEAUTIFUL critique showing exactly why President Joe Biden is so bad for America.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been one of the Republicans most vocal in suggesting that he doesn't think Biden has done close to enough to combat the Chinese spy balloon that was first spotted over America earlier this month or to stop migrants from flowing over America's southern border from Mexico.

For some reason, Biden doesn't seem to care about keeping America safe.

Whether it's Chinese spy balloons or the countries south of us sending us their undesirables, Biden is just letting them all in.

And he doesn't care what it does to this country or the people in it. He's doing what benefits his party and his family, and nothing else.

It's been that way for a while.