China Mocks Biden Admin For Being 'Blind To Toxic Cloud' Over Ohio

 February 18, 2023

When even the Chinese government is making fun of Biden, you know that old Joe is producing some seriously low-hanging fruit.

Joe Biden has given China EVERYTHING, including positive press and begging anyone who will listen to NOT investigate his family's secret deals with the communist country.

But even they can't resist pointing out just how incompetent the old man is behaving as the president of this country.

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently came out of the woodwork to criticize Biden for being obsessed with shooting down everything in the sky recently while he also seems to be completely ignoring the "toxic mushroom cloud" that his fellow liberal, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, is allowing to float over America.

Wang Wenbin asked, "can the U.S. tell us why it is able to see the ‘balloon’ 18,000 meters above the ground, but seems to have been blind to the toxic mushroom cloud of vinyl chloride over Ohio?"

This is one thing with which I agree with the Chinese.

We deserve answers.