China mockingly accuses Biden of using his allies when it suits him because of early departure from G7

By Jen Krausz on
 May 19, 2023

China state-run press on Wednesday mocked President Joe Biden for cutting his Asian-Pacific trip short in order to return home for more debt ceiling negotiations.

The Global Times said that Biden's shortened trip “reflects that Washington only treats its so-called allies and partners as chess pieces and instruments, and when its domestic issues override its political agenda, it easily turns back on its commitment.”

“Given its outstanding debt issue, the U.S. has been facing a continuously declining power and sending out strategic confusion signals, arousing suspicion among its allies over its leadership and reputation,” the CCP-run paper went on.

Biden will not visit Australia or Papua New Guinea as planned but has signaled a willingness to make some spending cuts in order to pass a debt ceiling increase.

The shortened trip will prevent the so-called "Quad alliance" from meeting, but that couldn't make China happier since its purpose is to counter Chinese aggressions.

China is exploiting Biden's weakness, specifically his blunder in refusing for weeks to negotiate a debt ceiling increase even as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) signaled his willingness to do so.