Child Rape Suspect Caught With Fly Open, 6 Kids In Truck

 July 15, 2023

In a shocking turn of events, a man pulled over for drunk driving in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is now facing serious child rape charges. Jeremy Guthrie, 42, was initially stopped by the police for driving under the influence, but what officers discovered during the traffic stop left them horrified. With his fly open and six children crammed into the back of his pickup truck, Guthrie's arrest took a dark and disturbing twist that has left the community reeling.

The incident, which unfolded in July 2022, has recently gained public attention as trooper body cam footage was released to the public. The footage captures the initial moments of the traffic stop, as well as the shocking revelations that followed. The video begins with Guthrie fumbling around in his driver's seat while the trooper requests his license.

A Startling Discovery

As the trooper shines his flashlight into the windows of the truck, the camera reveals a backseat overflowing with children. It becomes evident that Guthrie had failed to produce his identification even at that point. The trooper directs Guthrie's attention to his wallet, which was conveniently located between his legs.

Throughout the interaction, Guthrie's speech is noticeably slurred, and he attempts to dismiss the trooper's concerns. However, the trooper, having observed Guthrie's erratic driving, makes it clear that his behavior was alarming. In the video, the trooper recounts the dangerous swerves and turns he had witnessed, further underscoring the gravity of the situation.

A Troubling Exchange

In a concerning exchange, the trooper counts off the number of children in the car, asking Guthrie about his relationship to them. Guthrie dismissively refers to the children as his "friends" but when pressed about the age of one of the girls, he falsely claims she is 18. The trooper quickly refutes this claim, indicating his skepticism.

Moreover, the trooper notices that Guthrie's buttons are undone and questions him about it. Guthrie offers a weak excuse, stating that he must have forgotten to fasten them. These peculiarities and the initial drunk driving charges turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Following Guthrie's arrest, a thorough investigation was conducted by New Mexico's Second Judicial District Attorney's Office. Shockingly, one of the girls in the vehicle came forward and disclosed that Guthrie had sexually abused her. Prosecutors revealed that the arrest was based on statements from the child and corroborating evidence found during the investigation.

The charges against Guthrie are severe and reflect the seriousness of the alleged crimes committed. According to Fox News, he faces 10 counts of criminal sexual penetration of a minor, three counts of criminal sexual contact with a minor, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and one count of false imprisonment. These charges paint a distressing picture of the harm inflicted upon the young victim.

Safeguarding Children's Welfare

In the wake of Guthrie's arrest, immediate steps were taken to ensure the safety and well-being of the children involved. Officers instructed the kids to contact their parents and arranged for them to be picked up at the scene. The traumatic experiences endured by these young victims are unimaginable, and it is imperative that they receive the necessary support and care to heal from this ordeal.

Since July 2022, Guthrie has been held without bond at Bernalillo County's Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque. He is set to appear in court in November, where the outcome of the trial will not only determine Guthrie's fate but also serve as a precedent for addressing cases of child sexual abuse.

The Importance of Community Vigilance

The case of Jeremy Guthrie serves as a chilling reminder of the importance of safeguarding our children from potential harm. It highlights the need for increased vigilance and awareness within our communities. Parents, caregivers, and educators play a vital role in educating children about personal boundaries, fostering open communication, and creating an environment where they feel safe to report any concerns or incidents of abuse.

In conclusion, the arrest of Jeremy Guthrie for drunk driving in Albuquerque, New Mexico, took a dark turn when officers discovered six children in his truck with his fly undone. Subsequent investigations uncovered allegations of child sexual abuse, leading to Guthrie facing multiple charges. This distressing case serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing need to protect our children from such heinous crimes. It is essential for the community to come together to support the victims and work towards preventing similar incidents in the future.

Key Points:

- A man pulled over for drunk driving in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is now facing child rape charges.
- The suspect had his fly open and six children in the back of his truck.
- Trooper body cam footage captured the shocking events during the traffic stop.
- Jeremy Guthrie, 42, failed the field sobriety test, leading to his arrest.
- A follow-up investigation revealed allegations of sexual abuse made by one of the children.
- Guthrie faces multiple charges, including criminal sexual penetration of a minor and false imprisonment.
- Immediate measures were taken to ensure the safety of the children involved.
- Guthrie has been held without bond since July 2022 and will appear in court in November.
- This case underscores the importance of safeguarding children and raising awareness within communities.
- Open communication, teaching personal boundaries, and reporting mechanisms are crucial in preventing child abuse.

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