Chicago congressional candidate blasts Biden administration over immigration

By Jen Krausz on
 December 22, 2023

A Democrat Chicago alderman who is running for a House seat in 2024 appeared on Fox News' Hannity Wednesday to blast the Biden administration over its handling of illegal immigration.

Raymond Lopez said:

We’ve walked down this path before, Kellyanne, when we saw Lori Lightfoot try to blame the governor for the failure to protect and secure the border of the United States. My mayor is blaming everyone except the person who needs to get the blame, and that is President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who are responsible for protecting and securing our borders and for having a functional immigration system.

Lopez took issue with how illegal immigrants were being let into the U.S. with distant asylum hearing dates in court and almost no accountability to show up for them, calling the policy "false pretenses."

He continued:

They’re not calling out Secretary Mayorkas for letting undocumented — for letting asylum seekers come to this country under false pretense and then giving them court cases ten years from now. They’re calling on the governor, who’s clearly frustrated, who even has Democratic city mayors begging for help as they are being overrun on a daily basis.

It's refreshing to see a Democrat call out Biden and Mayorkas for their malfeasance on immigration, even though it is relatively rare.

Chicago has had a few thousand migrants bussed to their area from border towns and is struggling to handle the influx.

No wonder Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is doing everything he can to slow down border crossings, which remain at record levels.