Cher's Temporary Conservatorship Request For Son Denied

 January 31, 2024

Entertainment legend Cher recently put in a request for a temporary conservatorship over her son, Elijah Blue Allman.

An American judge has turned down the request.

Cher filed the request for conservatorship last year because of "Allman's alleged substance abuse and mental health issues."

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Jessica A Uzcategui denied the petition.

Jessica A Uzcategui reportedly said that Allman had been able to prove that he can manage his own finances and also has apparently "remained drug-free."

Allman had to submit to several drug tests before the hearing.

The concept of conservatorship has been in the news a lot recently, headlined by Jay Leno requesting conservatorship over his wife because of an Alzheimer's diagnosis.

It's been a difficult road for the Leno family lately.

Around a year ago, Jay Leno was badly burned in his garage when a car he was working on blew up.

A month or two later, Jay suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Our prayers go out to both famous families.