Charlotte Sena, missing New York 9-year-old, found alive in camper cabinet

October 2, 2023

A miracle occurred Monday when missing 9-year-old Charlotte Sena was discovered alive after missing under suspicious circumstances from Moreau Lake State Park in New York on Saturday.

According to Fox News, the little girl was discovered by authorities behind her kidnapping suspect's mother's double-wide trailer in Milton, New York, hours after police had witnessed a man drop what would be confirmed as a ransom note in her parent's mailbox.

State police had witnessed the man, now identified as 47-year-old Craig Nelson Ross Jr., drop the ransom note in the Sena family's mailbox in the early morning hours of Monday.

Police worked quickly to identify fingerprints left on the note and returned Ross' identity, which allowed them to kick off an intensive search.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul was on the ground while authorities conducted the intense investigation, and released a statement when Sena was discovered.

"Within the camper they located the suspect," the governor said. "After some resistance, the suspect was taken into custody, and immediately the little girl was found in a cabinet, covered. She was rescued."

She added, "Our hearts are with her family as they welcome her home," the governor's statement read. "Thank you to the New York State Police, New York Park Police and all who worked so tirelessly to find Charlotte. It is because of their efforts that Charlotte will be able to return home safe to her family."

Jene Sena, Charlotte's aunt, released a statement praising the return of her precious niece.

"We are just elated she came home," Jene Sena said.

Just prior to Sena's safe return, Patrick Kane, a family friend, leaned on his faith to take comfort in knowing the young girl would be returned safely to her family.

"God's going to bring her back home," he told Fox News Digital. "I know that. I mean, it may not be today, and I don't know what kind of circumstances she's under right now, but I hopefully it's something that she can deal with the rest of her life because she's coming back home."

Sena was taken to a local hospital for evaluation but appeared to be unharmed, according to reports. Thank the Good Lord.

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