Charlamagne Tha God laughs at Jill Biden's insistence that Joe Biden has the 'vigor' for 2024

 January 17, 2024

It's truly incredible that President Joe Biden's surrogates, including first lady Jill Biden, are attempting to gaslight the American public into thinking the 81-year-old, often confused, elderly president has the stamina to run another presidential campaign.

It's so bad that it's even generating responses from unexpected critics, including multimedia mogul Charlamagne Tha God, who recently laughed at the idea of Jill Biden claiming her husband has the "vigor" to go all the way.

The podcast host told Fox News Digital he doesn't believe a word that the first lady said about her husband's energy. He was played a clip of Jill Biden insisting that her gaffe-prone husband can do it.

"I see Joe every day. I see him out, you know, traveling around this country. I see his vigor. I see his energy. I see his passion every single day," Jill Biden recently said.

When asked if he agreed with that statement, Charlamagne Tha God laughed while saying, "no."

He explained that he understands it's all the Democrats have right now, but admitted that he and most other Americans aren't seeing the "vigor" that Jill Biden is promoting.

"I get it because, you know, we're stuck with what we got, right? Like, I think that the Republican Party should move away from Donald Trump. And I think that the Democratic Party should move away from Joe Biden. But we're stuck with what we got," the podcast host said.

He added, "So, I mean, she has to be optimistic. I mean, she has to say those things. What is she going to say? Like, 'Oh… I don't think he's going to make it through four years. You know, I think he's going to drop dead after 2.' Like, I mean, what is she supposed to say?"

He added that he's not convinced that Biden has what it takes at this point in his life, making the point that if he were 20 years younger, it could be a different story.

"Personally, I don't see that vigor. And I don't think a lot of other Americans see that vigor anyway," he continued.

"I mean, that's the thing that a lot of people say about Joe Biden. I think a 60 or 65-year-old Joe Biden with, you know, this economy- and I'm putting that in air quotes, you know, with this economy doing as well as it is, I think he probably wins in 2024. "

Charlamagne pivoted to taking shots at Trump, pointing out the 91 charges he faces and his past impeachments, making a point that the Democrats shouldn't have to worry about beating someone in his position.

Poll after poll showing Trump beating Biden, as well as Biden's plummeting and embarrassing approval numbers, has even former allies in the media concerned, clearly.