CBS Poll Reveals 72% Of Voters Say Biden's America 'Out Of Control'

 April 28, 2023

This isn't some right-wing conspiracy group that was polled to come up with this result, these survey outcomes were the result of asking rank-and-file American adults their preferences.

Almost three-quarters of them think that the proper definition for Joe Biden's America is "out of control."

Of the people who think that America is "out of control," 71% say it is that the fault of Biden's leadership.

When asked for secondary reasons why they believe that the country is "out of control," 85% said the economy was a problem. In addition to that, 75% think that Americans' deteriorating "culture and values" are a contributing factor as well.

It's VERY important that Biden get some independent voters back on board if he wants to have a chance in 2024, but right now that isn't looking likely. Over 70% of independent voters think that Joe Biden's leadership is the reason America is in the trouble it's in.