CBS News mistakenly refers to Joe Biden as former president in Freudian slip

 August 20, 2023

CBS News is in hot water after mistakenly referring to Joe Biden as a former president in a post on X Friday that has many users laughing over the "Freudian slip."

While the network was quick to correct the mistake, executives weren't quick enough to beat the internet.

The original post read, "WATCH LIVE: Former President Biden holds news conference at Camp David with leaders of Japan and South Korea."

The updated post noted, "A previous tweet contained an error that had ‘former' before President Biden. It has been corrected."

Nonetheless, many speculated that the slip was the result of internal frustration at President Biden. Many Democrats and leftist organizations aren't fully on board with Biden in 2024, but showing their opposition publicly would be dangerous.

Regardless, there is a growing sentiment that Biden 2024 is a mistake and could hand Republicans the presidency in next year's election. With how President Biden is performing, it isn't a stretch to imagine him as a former commander in chief sooner rather than later.