Cause Of Death Of Michelle, Barack Obama's Chef Revealed

 August 24, 2023

Just a few years ago, you would have laughed at me if I were to tell you that former first lady Michelle was the most prominent Obama in America.

Here we are.

She's the Obama family member who is rumored to be nearly ready to fill in for Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential race (depending on who you ask), and she's actually putting Barack on the back burner of the collective American mind.

So much so, in fact, that many people are referring to the tragic passing of Tafari Campbell as the death of Michelle Obama's personal chef.

Tafari had served as a sous chef when the Obamas lived in the White House.

They enjoyed him so much that they took him with them when they left the White House.

Now, Campbell is dead after a tragic paddle boarding accident in Massachusetts.

Campbell died "while visiting the Obamas’ Martha’s Vineyard residence."

"Campbell was standing on his paddleboard when he lost his balance and fell off. He struggled to remain afloat before slipping beneath the water," a report on the man's cause of death explained. "Campbell was not wearing a life jacket and wasn’t secured to his board. Campbell’s body was found in about 8 feet of water."