Casey DeSantis Judged To Be Valuable Asset In Husband's 2024 Campaign

 June 3, 2023

Ron DeSantis is facing quite the uphill battle in his quest to unseat Donald Trump from the top of the Republican Party.

If he does it though, there's sure to be one person who contributed to Ron's success more than anybody else in the entire world:

Casey DeSantis, his wife.

When asked recently why America should pick him over Joe Biden or Donald Trump, DeSantis pointed to his own youthfulness and energy, saying:

Well, isn't it kind of just symbolic about the state of the country? You know, you have a president who lacks energy who's stumped, stumbling around. And unfortunately, you see an incident like that. But, you know, I'm running for president because we need to change all that. And we need an energetic executive. We need somebody that's going to get in there on day one and spit nails and really take Washington by storm. Washington, D.C., has been imposing its will on us for so long. It's about time we, the people, impose our will on it.

Other than his young man's energy, it's Casey DeSantis who just might make the difference for Florida Ron in 2023. America LOVES her. She's an excellent mother and a breast cancer survivor. She's called Ron's "better half" for a reason.

Casey DeSantis has the potential to become one of the most influential women in American history. Do you support her?