Carlson: MSNBC and CNN treating George Santos like 9/11

By Jen Krausz on
 February 4, 2023

Tucker Carlson was amazed on Thursday's installment of his Fox News show that with all the serious issues plaguing the U.S. today, all MSNBC and CNN want to talk about is Rep. George Santos (R-NY), who lied about his resume and is now facing calls to resign from the House.

"So we haven’t watched a ton of cable news recently, but we assumed with mass layoffs underway across the U.S. economy, an egg shortage, crumbling cities, the prospect of a Third World War looming on the horizon, we assumed we knew what the other channels would be covering because there are an awful lot of threats out there," Carlson began his monologue.

"What we didn’t know until we tuned into MSNBC and CNN the other day was that all of those threats go by a single name, and that name is Mr. George Santos," he went on.

"George Santos is like 9/11 in human form, nothing will ever be the same now that George Santos is here. You will never forget the moment you first saw George Santos. Where were you when George Santos was elected? A story you will tell your grandchildren," he said, and then played some clips of media hosts talking gleefully about his lies and them not being able to keep up with them.

In a huge moment of irony, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, now a CNN commentator, calls Santos' election "fraudulent."

Clearly, the media is desperate to ignore the myriad serious issues and crises facing the country, like the Chinese spy balloon, and has grabbed at the nearest GOP fiasco they can find to distract themselves -- and you.