Caretaker of Athena Brownfield, who went missing on Tuesday, charged with murder

 January 15, 2023

35-year-old Ivon Adams, the caretaker of missing Oklahoma toddler Athena Brownfield, has been charged with murder as authorities continue their search for Brownfield.

Adams had already been arrested and charged with child neglect on Thursday before the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation choose to hit her with murder charges as well the next day.

Ivon Adams's wife, Alysia Adams, was also arrested and is facing two counts of child neglect.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation issued a statement saying, "The search for Athena continues. The OSBI is following every tip that is received, which are coming in from Oklahoma, as well as other states. In an effort to find clues as to Athena’s whereabouts, the trash service in Cyril was searched. Additionally, analysts are reviewing surveillance video from around Cyril and seeking other evidence that can help locate Athena."

Athena was reported missing when a postal worker discovered her five-year-old sister wandering alone in Cyril, Oklahoma.

Anyone with information about Athena's whereabouts should contact OSBI at 405-879-2591 or their local police or email to tips to Tips can be anonymous.