Calls For Impeachment Of New Mexico Governor Grow Louder

September 12, 2023

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, recently pissed off most of America.

She simply cancelled the Second Amendment in her state, citing a public health crisis.

Either this woman is unfamiliar with America's laws, or she simply doesn't care. Contrary to what 2020 lockdowns taught us, there is NO precedent for temporarily suspending America's Constitution because the governor thinks there's a public safety crisis.

As a result, multiple people have been calling for her impeachment.

Even other liberals know that Grisham SERIOUSLY crossed the line, to the point that many of them aren't even willing to defend her.

David Hogg is a liberal through and through, one of the most manipulative little weasels that this country has ever seen.

I'll let you read his thoughts on the matter, and you can make your own decision from there:

When even Hogg is saying the lady crossed a line, something REALLY bad has happened...

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