California teen with mental health problems disappears at Denver airport

 February 11, 2024

Fifteen-year-old Harper Cadman suddenly disappeared from Denver International Airport late last month during a layover as she was traveling back home to California.

Cadman's mother confirmed that Harper never made her connecting United Airlines flight as she was traveling back from Montana for treatment for mental health issues.

Ari Petrenolli wrote on Facebook, "My sister and I spent last week searching Denver and Boulder, speaking with detectives, advocates, the unhoused, and ‘street kids.'"

Petrenolli added, "What we saw was a very cold, scary, and dangerous situation for anyone but especially an at-risk 15-year-old girl who was last seen wearing just a sweater with leggings and no belongings. Harper does not know anyone in Colorado and has only been there when she was 8 years old for a vacation so she is not familiar with the area."

By all accounts, Cadman is in serious danger, and her loved ones fear that she was kidnapped, considering she was travelling on her own without an escort.

Cadman is 5' 7" tall and has blue eyes, dyed black hair, facial piercings, and tattoos on her waist and middle finger of her left hand. Americans ought to keep an eye out for her, and hopefully she can be found alive and well.