Byron Donalds Claims Absent Donald Trump Won First Republican Debate

 August 25, 2023

Representative Byron Donalds, a Republican from Florida, recently gave a pretty surprising answer when he was asked who won the first GOP debate of the 2024 election cycle.

He claimed it was the man who didn't even show up to compete:

Former President Donald Trump.

Byron Donalds thinks that there's one head of the Republican Party, and it isn't even close.

For his money, debate night proved it. Donalds said:

It’s not a two-person race at this point. In my view, it’s a one-person race with a lot of other people in the race. And that’s what I think really came out of this debate tonight. That’s why I think in the grand scheme, Donald Trump’s the winner of this debate. Nobody on that stage, from what I saw, really galvanized Republicans.

Who do you think had the biggest win on Aug. 23?

Was it Trump, or was it one of the eight who actually showed up to the debate?

Let us know in the comments below.