Report: Buttigieg Intentionally Missing Important Phone Calls

 January 13, 2023

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is most famous for complaining about other people not doing their job while being one of the most ineffective bureaucrats in all of America.

In doing so, he's had to come up with a number of excuses about why he shouldn't have to do his job, and even got much of his staff in on the action.

Take the time the Indiana Chamber of Commerce invited Pete to speak on a Zoom call.

Pete simply didn't want to do it. Instead of just saying that, he had a staffer cover for him.

"I think we can delegate? Can say he’s on leave," the staffer emailed internally.

"Sounds good will do," came the response.

That's pretty nonchalant, considering they were literally lying.

But what would you expect from a staff that has been curated and trained by none other than Pistol Pete Buttigieg himself? Don't blame the staffers for lying.

Blame their boss.