Bush-era AIDS program being hijacked by the Biden administration to push abortion in Africa

 June 11, 2023

New Jersey Republican Representative Chris Smith is blasting the Biden administration for using PEPFAR, the $6 billion-a-year foreign aid program designed to mitigate HIV/AIDS in Africa, as a means to push abortion.

In a letter to his Republican colleagues, Smith said, "President Biden has hijacked PEPFAR, the $6 billion a year foreign aid program designed to mitigate HIV/AIDS in many targeted — mostly African — countries in order to promote abortion on demand."

PEPFAR was started in 2003 by former President George W. Bush and used over $100 billion to fight AIDS and save an estimated 25 million lives. PEPFAR is up for re-authorization this year, but Republicans may pull the plug.

Smith says the Biden administration is giving millions to organizations that are pushing abortion. Smith's letter stated, "PSI proudly proclaims it provides abortion and lobbies to eliminate pro-life laws. PSI provides comprehensive abortion and post-abortion care services in nearly 20 countries throughout the world."

The Biden administration is using PEPFAR's good name to funnel millions to pro-choice groups and this is evidenced by a document from the administration titled, "Reimagining PEPFAR’s Strategic Direction."

Republicans must demand a total ban on PEPFAR funds being used by pro-choice organizations as a condition of re-authorization.