Bud Light SHUT DOWN, no longer top-selling beer

 June 16, 2023

After two decades as America's top-selling beer, Bud Light is no longer holding that title.

If this isn't proof that America will not tolerate the woke-left infiltrating our nation, I don't know what is.

"Modelo Especial, the Mexican lager brewed by Constellation Brands, became the top-selling beer in May, overthrowing Bud Light from the top spot it has held for more than two decades," reported WTOP.

The Anheuser-Busch brand is in big trouble following transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney’s Instagram post showing off a customized Bud Light can.

"For four weeks ending on June 3, Modelo captured 8.4% of US retail beer sales, with Bud Light falling to second place with 7.3%, according to NIQ data given to consulting firm Bump Williams," reported WTOP. "Dollar sales were equally grim for Bud Light during that period, with sales falling 24.4%, while Modelo’s grew 12.2%."

Things are not looking good for the brand.

"Modelo Especial appears to be increasing its sales growth each week as we get deeper into summer," Williams said.

Additionally, Williams said that Modelo Oro, the brand's new low-carb beer, is off to a promising start after its May debut, which came just in time.

If it helps anyone feel better, Bud Light does remain the top beer for year-to-date sales.

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