British skydiver dead after parachute fails during base jump

 January 29, 2024

British skydiver Nathy Odinson died on Saturday evening after his parachute failed to deploy during a base jump from a 29-story apartment block.

Odinson was jumping from the roof into the street, and the jump was filmed by a friend, and Odinson could be seen checking his equipment.

The incident occurred in the resort town of Pattaya, Thailand, where Odinson worked at a skydiving school teaching tandem jumps.

An investigation has been opened into the accident by local police as Odinson's jump was illegal, and authorities hope to discover what caused his equipment to fail, leading to his tragic death.

Police Lieutenant Kamolporn Nadee explained, "The parachute that the deceased used to jump malfunctioned and was not centered as expected. He was in a terrible state when we arrived. The friend who recorded the video of him jumping was questioned, and the video was examined as evidence."

This tragic incident is a reminder that when it comes to extreme sports, you are only one mistake away from death.