British conservative Nadine Dorries leaving the House of Commons

August 28, 2023

British Conservative lawmaker Nadine Dorries resigned from her position in the House of Commons on Saturday in a move seemingly caused by the exit of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson from Parliament.

Dorries didn't go quietly as she attacked Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who she believes is responsible for Johnson's resignation.

In her departure letter, Dorries claimed Sunak was responsible for "a zombie Parliament where nothing meaningful has happened."

All of this was said to distract from Dorries's attempts to interfere in an investigation against Johnson, who was accused of holding parties that violated Britain's stringent Covid-19 lockdown rules.

Dorries and other allies of the former prime minister were accused of obstructing and interfering with the "procedures of the House of Commons."

The lawmaker has served in Parliament for 18 years, and her departure is seen by some as a good thing for the conservative party that was more interested in protecting corrupt behavior then punishing elitism.

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