Breitbart's Nolte Upset Donald Trump Giving CNN Publicity

John Nolte certainly LOVES to put the "opinion" in the opinion and commentary section over at, but this time I actually agree with him.

He asks, "What is Donald Trump thinking?"

America's 45th President is refusing two debates with fellow Republicans, but for some reason he's throwing CNN the ratings lifeline it so desperately needs.

Nolte says that CNN is so close to being dead in America, you'd need to hit it with the paddles to bring it back to life before anyone in America ever listened to it again.

That's exactly what Nolte says Trump is doing by agreeing to appear at the network's New Hampshire Town Hall event.

We don't know WHY Donald Trump is making this decision, we just know that he is.

Some people are saying it's because Trump is angry at Fox News.

Whatever the reason, we don't really need or want CNN to make a comeback. Until Trump proves us wrong, many people will accuse the former president of giving CNN the opportunity to do just that.