Breitbart’s Emma-Jo Morris testifies on the Weaponization of the Federal Government

 July 21, 2023

Get this: an entire election might have been influenced by the handling of a single news story, the Hunter Biden laptop saga, as suggested by Breitbart News Politics Editor, Emma-Jo Morris. She voiced these concerns during a hearing led by the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

In conversation with Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), Morris validated the accuracy of the Hunter Biden laptop story. She also disclosed the shocking timeline: the FBI had had possession of this incriminating laptop a whole ten months before the story was made public.

You can read the original report here if you're keen to know more about this hearing.

A Pandora's Box: Did the FBI Influence Social Media Censorship?

Here's where it gets a bit murkier. Rep. Stefanik quizzed Morris about the role of the FBI's Foreign Influence Task Force. She asked whether they had manipulated social media platforms into suppressing information on a speculated Russian 'hack and leak operation', and subsequently, the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Guess what? Morris concurred. But that's not where the questioning stopped.

Stefanik then turned to who funded this supposed operation of censorship. Considering that the FBI operates on taxpayers' dollars, she implied that the public might have indirectly bankrolled this move. Again, Morris agreed.

The Sordid Contents of the Hunter Biden Laptop

Rep. Stefanik took the chance to divulge the contents of the so-called "Laptop from Hell." She described it as a veritable digital cesspool of corruption and illegal conduct.

She relayed the unsettling findings from the laptop, which reportedly housed evidence of hard drugs, prostitution, explicit materials, and money laundering.

The laptop also revealed shell companies associated with the Biden family and shady deals with foreign entities worth millions.

The Impact on Democracy: Did Censorship Tip the Scales in the 2020 Election?

Rep. Stefanik cited striking polling data during the hearing. If the Hunter Biden laptop story had been exposed prior to the 2020 election, could the election outcome have been different?

She argued, "This censorship act was a calculated move to shield Joe Biden in the crucial moments leading up to the 2020 election. Polls indicate that awareness of the Hunter Biden laptop story could have led 53% of voters to rethink their votes, including a whopping 61% of Democrats."

"If these findings are accurate, the election could've taken a different turn. This information definitely had the potential to influence voters," said Morris, corroborating the idea that this kind of government censorship essentially amounts to election interference.

Censorship's Chilling Effect on Free Speech

Wrapping up the hearing, Stefanik asked Morris if she believed the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story materially impacted the 2020 election. Morris' answer was an emphatic 'yes'.

Highlighting the broader repercussions of censorship, Morris declared, "Absolutely. Any restriction on speech puts a damper on your ability to think freely. That's a fact."

  • Breitbart News Politics Editor, Emma-Jo Morris, claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop story's treatment was a form of election interference.
  • Both Morris and Rep. Elise Stefanik confirmed that the Hunter Biden laptop story was completely true.
  • It was suggested that the FBI's Foreign Influence Task Force pressured social media companies into censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story.
  • The laptop allegedly contained evidence of hard drugs, prostitution, explicit materials, and money laundering, alongside details about Biden family shell companies and clandestine foreign transactions.
  • According to poll results, voter decisions in the 2020 election might have been significantly different if the laptop story had been public knowledge beforehand.
  • Morris agreed that the censorship of the story played a role in the 2020 election results and limited free thought.

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