Breitbart's Emma-Jo Morris Sheds Light on Government Institutions' Credibility Crisis

 July 24, 2023

Breitbart Politics Editor, Emma-Jo Morris, questions the credibility of government institutions in the wake of the social media censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story. This story unfolded during the latest broadcast of Fox News Channel's (FNC) "Sunday Morning Futures". Morris claimed this incident has tarnished the credibility of these institutions.

During the interview, anchor Maria Bartiromo noted Morris' recent appearance before a committee. Morris had testified about the censorship she faced by the intelligence community. Bartiromo acknowledged the challenge of that experience, saying, "You testified in front of this committee last week, walking through how the intelligence community censored you. That had to be incredibly tough for you."

She was referring to the unfolding controversy of the censorship around the Hunter Biden laptop story. More details about the interview can be found on the original Breitbart post.

Morris Reflects on the Scandal and Her Experience

Morris acknowledged the surreal nature of the situation. She confessed to being somewhat accustomed to the scandal, having lived through it over the last three years. Yet, she appreciated the feedback she received after her candid disclosure. She said:

"Yeah, it was quite surreal, you know? This has been my life over the last three years, and sometimes I forget about how scandalous it is. It’s just so scandalous."

She also acknowledged the support she received from the public, attributing it to the public's wisdom and their understanding of the situation.

Morris on Public Response and Media Credibility

Morris noted the overwhelming positive response she got after sharing her story. She suggested this response was driven by the public's understanding and recognition of what had truly happened. Morris stated:

"The feedback from it has just been incredible. It’s been incredible. People know what happened. The American people are very wise, and they know what happened."

She pointed to a moment during her testimony that caused quite a stir. Morris had read out a Politico headline suggesting the Hunter Biden laptop story was a case of Russian disinformation. Her reaction, which was to laugh, was deemed relatable by many as she viewed the claim as absurd.

Discrediting Established Institutions

Further in the conversation, Morris underscored the credibility crisis among established institutions. The incident, she suggested, had laid bare the lack of credibility among government institutions. She found it ironic that these entities were still considered serious and credible by many in Washington and New York. Morris argued:

"There’s this thing that we have to, I guess, pretend to take that claim seriously. But I think that the reason why people so resonated with that is because our institutions have zero credibility, like, zero credibility. And yet everybody in Washington and New York and in the establishment walks around pretending that these are serious people, and I just couldn’t do that.”

In conclusion, Emma-Jo Morris' recent interview stirred controversy by questioning the credibility of government institutions. Key points in the conversation included:

* Morris testified about censorship by the intelligence community, a challenging experience.
* She received overwhelming support from the public after sharing her story, acknowledging the public's wisdom in understanding the situation.
* She highlighted the credibility crisis of established institutions, criticizing the pretense of credibility by many in Washington and New York.

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