Charlie Hurt Says Don't Blame Trump For GOP Loss

November 11, 2022

There are two theories evolving on the Republican side in regard to why the anticipated red wave on Nov. 8 was nothing more than a tiny red trickle.

- It was Donald Trump's fault.


- It wasn't Donald Trump's fault.

Republican Pat Toomey clearly falls in the first category. He recently appeared on CNN to explain that Dr. Mehmet Oz ran a good campaign, but his close association with Trump and the division that may have caused could have been the reason he lost.

Washington Times opinion editor Charlie Hurt believes that people like Toomey need to think about what they're saying when they're criticizing the man that brought the Republican Party back to the forefront of American politics in 2016.

According to Breitbart:

"Hurt rejected the idea that establishment Republicans have a case for blaming Trump for midterm losses. He noted that the Republican establishment does not have a great track record with picking winners. For example, former Sens. Martha McSally of Arizona and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia had been handpicked by the Republican establishment to fill vacant Senate seats in red states, but both of them lost their re-election bids in 2020 to Democrats."

Hurt thinks that inaccurate polling is far more responsible for the outcome than Donald Trump. False leads for Republicans across the polls made red voters complacent and motivated blue voters to get out and make a difference.

"They had Patty Murray up by three points. She won like she did last time, by upper double digits," Hurt said. "The question I have is–and this is what’s kind of worrisome to me because the party’s got to figure this out–is it those Trump voters that Trafalgar is so good at finding and registering? Did they not show up because they weren’t energized? They showed up in Florida. They showed up huge in Florida. They showed up in Ohio. They showed up in North Carolina. They clearly appear to have not shown up in other places."

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