Breitbart's Alex Marlow explains why 'Biden crime family' is an accurate description

October 25, 2023

Many have questioned why, at this point, aren't any members of the Biden family facing serious consequences for their business dealings that continue to come to light thanks to the investigative efforts of some Republican House members.

According to Breitbart's Alex Marlow, author of New York Times bestselling Breaking Biden, if the United States "had a responsible Department of Justice," members of the Biden family would already be "in handcuffs."

Marlow made the claim during a recent interview with YouTuber Stephen Gardner.

During the interview, Gardner had asked Marlow why the Bidens can be described as a "crime family," and Marlow was quick to point out that during his extensive research for his bestselling book, he obtained "all the receipts" to back the description.

The author and Breitbart editor-in-chief held nothing back as he ran through several examples of why the Biden can be described as a "crime family."

"I’ll give you a couple examples of known crimes that the Biden family has pulled off," Marlow said. "The first one is Burisma, which is one that you don’t need me to shed much new light on."

“Perhaps I can distill it down to something a little more simple than some in conservative media have made it seem,” Marlow added, before breaking it down for Gardner's audience. “Some people made it seem more complicated than it is."

After recapping how Biden's board seat at Burisma simply didn't make sense in any light other than his attaining the job because of his last name, Marlow said it was so bad that arrests should eventually be made.

“This is clearly bribery, it’s clearly a crime, and you should get the handcuffs out,” Marlow said, adding, “If we had a responsible Department of Justice, then they would have held the Biden’s accountable for this.”

Marlow brought up Hunter Biden's gun charge.

“Crime number two is Hunter Biden’s gun charge, which [appears to be] a clear crime," Marlow said. "It’s all documented in Breaking Biden, and Hunter intended to plead guilty, but then he realized he was gonna get labeled a felon, which he would have been, and I think he decided he’s gonna take his chances on the legal system."

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has spearheaded multiple investigations into the Biden family's alleged crimes.

President Joe Biden has gone on record nearly a dozen times insisting that he doesn't have any knowledge of his family's various business dealings, despite growing evidence to the contrary.