BREAKING: White House Caught In Biden Coverup - Read This NOW

August 31, 2022

Joe Biden just tried to make himself look like a hero by wiping out up to $20,000 in student debt per borrower despite promises from Nancy Pelosi that the President of the United States would never have the power to do that.

But if Biden is claiming to be so desperate to give money back to college students, then why is he so desperate to steal from them?

The White House simply WILL NOT offer a statement on Biden's career as a college employee.

Joe Biden collected almost a million dollars from the University of Pennsylvania for a two-year role at the school that included not regularly teaching classes.

Maybe this is why young Americans have to go into debt to attend college, because people like Biden warp the financial structure of America's college system.

By collecting so much money, Biden was part of the problem that made college so expensive.

He was also part of the government who let the colleges charge whatever they want because the loans benefitted the government.

Now that the loans aren't benefiting Biden's buddies, real Americans are stuck holding the bill.

Biden's not giving back his salary, though.

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