BREAKING: Watch Donald Trump Take SWING At Joe Biden - Hahaha

October 29, 2022

Former President Donald Trump couldn't resist taking a swing at President Joe Biden when he was teeing off at the Saudi-backed LIV Invitation Pro-Am golf tournament in Miami on Thursday.

After teeing off, he turned to the camera and said, “Do you think Biden could do that? I don’t think so." The audience laughed.

Trump was later caught on camera saying he shot one over par on the first nine holes of the course, which would be difficult even for professionals to do.

Trump also said the Saudis were doing a great job with the tournament, and said it was a shame that some on the PGA tour chose not to participate.

“It’s big time, it’s big time money, unlimited money, they love golf, they actually love golf, and the Saudis have done a fantastic job,” he added. “The enthusiasm, you hear the music, you hear a lot of things, it’s different, and so we are having a good time.”

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